Moose sighting just between Vermillion Bay and Red Lake

Good morning all!
These pictures come from Ethan in Missouri and were taken on his way up to Eagle Falls Lodge last month.  We wanted to share these incredible pictures with you guys and give a quick reminder about making sure you are on the lookout for moose crossing the road as you are driving in Canada.  

If you have made the trip up before you have probably seen a sign similar to the one below, which warns of moose crossing the road.  They tend to be nocturnal and it can be dangerous when traveling at night.

Doesn’t the picture above almost look photoshopped?   Absolutely incredible!  
They are amazing creatures, both on land and in water.  
Moose are the largest of the deer species and can weigh up to 1,800 pounds (820 kg).  Because of their giant antlers and long faces they prefer browsing in higher grasses because lowering their head can be difficult.  I wonder if they are able to give each other neck rubs?  Despite their large stature they are incredible swimmers and can swim several miles at a time and can stay completely submerged for 30 seconds or more. 
We have seen several from the camp already this year, including some calfs.  Female moose give birth in the spring to calves weighing about 30 lbs – can you imagine?  Just five days after birth the calves have grown enough to outrun a person!  
*The fun facts shared in this blog post were found on the National Geographic website, more information can be found here.

I think moose are my favorite of the wildlife creatures we get to see up here in Canada each summer.  What about you?

Oh – I almost forgot….

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!!!!  You better believe we are celebrating tomorrow out at the lodge.  Hope everyone has a great holiday and safe travels!

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