More big Northern Pike caught on Parker Lake this week!

Good morning everyone!
We dropped off another group of guests this morning who just wrapped up a great week of fishing on Red Lake and Parker Lake.  
We are still gathering and organizing some pictures from this past week – so check back later this weekend for some more fish pictures.
Below you will see some big northern pike that were caught and released on Parker Lake this past week.  These guys are dedicated fishermen who keep track all week of what they catch and may be a tad bit competitive.  

Shawn caught this nice 40 inch northern pike earlier in the week.
They definitely go after northern pike for the most part, but had some really nice walleye caught this week as well.  Here is Dan with a 25.5 inch walleye off of Parker Lake.

Here is Dan with another big walleye.
Nice work guys! 
For those of you wondering if our bear friend has been back, he/she has not been seen since Monday’s initial sighting.  Just passing through I guess.  We will keep you posted if any more unexpected guests visit us at the lodge!
Happy Friday everyone!

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