Mr. Timbit came to the lodge!

Who is Mr. Timbit?

Mr. Timbit = Timbit Town = Tim Horton’s

Last Friday after I had dropped off all the guests and finished my run I headed to Tim Horton’s.  A ritual of sorts.  I stop in for my medium coffee and crank out some computer work for 1/2 an hour or so on the much more reliable and speedy WIFI that they offer.

I had just sat down and logged into our email with my coffee when I noticed a message in our email  from Ron.  I clicked on it and this is how it started:

“Hi, my name is Ron and I own Tim Horton’s in Red Lake…”

I immediately look up from my computer cautiously and peek behind the counter.  Are they on to me?  Is this a polite email suggesting I bugger off and use WIFI somewhere else?  How did they know?  It totally creeped me out.  I kept reading and Ron wanted to know if he could come out to the lodge with some folks to celebrate his wife’s birthday.  He wanted to know how to make dinner reservations.

This was new.  I walked back up to the counter and asked the woman who had just take my order if I could speak to Ron.  She said yes, but appeared slightly concerned that I was going to make a complaint or something.  Ron came out and I said, “Hi, I’m Carrie from Eagle Falls Lodge!”  The exclamation point is necessary because I most likely came off a little too strong and excited.  I mean I am talking one-on-one with numero uno at Timbit Town.  Kinda a big deal.

So, we chat (because we are probably going to be BFF’s now) and hash out the details.  You guys!!!! He came to the lodge.  I told him it was like having Red Lake royalty at our house.  And Travis later told me when I say things like that it might make people uncomfortable.

On Saturday they came!  We had our regular new group orientation and early supper and just when our fishing guests started heading out on the water our Red Lake birthday party guests rolled in.  We had lasagna and garlic bread and salad and delicious fresh strawberry birthday cake.  So fun!  You better believe I told him about my undying love for timbits and how I mostly just love the sour cream flavor.  Yum.

There you have it – Mr. Timbit at the lodge.  Because of this, all things are possible.

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