MVP award goes to the golf cart!

Well, since we are burning the midnight oil tonight I thought I would share this little gem from earlier this evening.


Yeah, that happened.  Lets recap, shall we…

1. We need boats on Red Lake so you can, you know, FISH
2. Mother nature dealt us a heavy blow, making 2014 the latest ice out on record
3. Traditionally it has been thought that you would hook up the boat trailer to our 4 wheeler to move boats to and from the water
4. Last fall the ol’ 4 wheeler needed a tune up, so it was taken into town for some maintenance during the winter
5. Which means it was on the wrong side of the lake come spring
6. Thus no bueno on the Red Lake boat launch operation
7. Ice continues to linger, and we were running out of time
8. Review # 1
9. Creative problem solving ensues.

It was slow going, and the whole fleet is certainly not up and running. But we can happily offer fishing on Red Lake as an option to those arriving tomorrow.  Or today.  I don’t even know anymore.

The other good news is the ICE IS OUT!  I repeat: THE ICE IS OUT!  We had a nice and warm sunny day with a strong south wind.  It broke up by mid day, so we’ve got that going for us.

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