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Hello all!

Can you believe it is already January 19th?  Crazytown.  In four short months we will be back north working our tails off (Cosmo already did this…ha!) getting ready to welcome our first group over Memorial Day.  So naturally Travis and I are starting to think about everything we hope to accomplish, both before we arrive in Canada and throughout the summer.  I know we try to ask everyone during their week for suggestions, but now that you have had a few months to ponder on this subject we’d like to ask again.  What do you absolutely love & would revolt against all things Eagle Falls if it changed?  What do you think can be improved?  What idea are we totally missing that seems obvious to you?  We LOVE feedback (as long as it is constructive and not too harsh…just kidding…but seriously).

My favorite things about Eagle Falls Lodge:
1. The people that make each week memorable.  We have made some amazing friends!
2. Hearing a guest tell a story about the “monster catch” they made.
3. Sitting on the deck looking out onto Parker Lake.
5. Working on projects with Travis and Cosmo.
7. Hanging out laundry – nothing beats that fresh Canadian wilderness smell on clean sheets.
8. Baking cinnamon rolls each week.
9. Seeing the smile on Cosmo’s face after a long day of chasing frogs, swimming, and long naps by the kitchen doorway.
10. Sinking into my pillow at night, because lets face it – we can put in some LONG days.

As for that view I was talking about…

Your turn!



  1. Hmm. What do I love most? 1. Fishing 2. The people I fish with 3. Shore lunch (see Travis’ previous post) 4. Lodge Meals (i.e. Cinnamon rolls!) 5. Exploring (posts to come) 6. Wildlife 7. Sleeping in Canada (unparalleled)… these are numbered, but pretty much equally loved. Improvements? How about a new exploring canoe? In case two scout teams need to go out. Or in case someone is using one to silent fish. Is this possible?

    • Whitney,

      Thanks for the comment! You are in luck – we have a 2 man kayak that is patiently waiting through the winter here in Illinois to be taken to its new home…EAGLE FALLS LODGE. It is much lighter, albeit smaller than the current portage canoe.

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  3. I love all of it! 1)Fishing 2)Seeing Moose,bears,eagles,and sasquatches.3)Spending time with people 4)Portaging to unknown places 5)Eating mass quantities of awesome foods. 6) Shore lunches 7)driving a boat 8) Catching big fish or lots of fish 9)Seeing the amazing Canadian wilderness 10)Not having to shower…kidding but really. I am going to shower everyday next year. 11)Having Hot showers 12)I was kidding about the sasquatches but you never know. 13) Spending a week doing something I love and only breaking for other things I love like food and sleep. 14) sleeping in Canada is wonderful. I love it more than sleeping in America. 15)I love that I can say that being in Canada at Eagle Falls Lodge is the best week out of my entire year. This probably isn’t even everything I love. I don’t know what could be done to make it a better trip but if i think of anything I will let you know. Thanks! Keep up the good work! I can’t wait to get up there this summer! If i didn’t have school I’d be there right now playing in the snow and ice fishing.

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