Name This Boat!

We need help people so it’s your time to shine!  Submit name ideas for this boat currently known only as Boat #1 on Red Lake.  You can do so by commenting on the blog or Facebook, or by sending us an email.  We’ll toss all of the entries into a big bracket and open up rounds of voting to determine the winner.  The person who submitted the winning name will receive a $100 Cabela’s gift card!

16′ Lund SSV on Red Lake with a Honda 20hp electric start power tilt motor

There are no specific requirements on name ideas, but we’d prefer to avoid dirty names.  We’re trying to keep it classy folks.  Here are the other boat names if that helps get your wheels turning.  We’re sure you can do better.

Red Lake Fleet:
Walleye Hunter
Pike Slayer
Silver Bullet
MariLund Monroe
Vince Lundbardi
Short Bus
Black Pearl
Ms. Merry Mack – this is the barge’s name

Parker Fleet:
Billy Rueben
Old Lightning
Crimson Echo
Rock Bass Bandit
Mighty Mateja
The Rookie
Rundle Wagon
Canadian B’Aiken

You have a week to get your names in.  Everyone is allowed to enter up to two names.  We’ll launch the voting next Tuesday, August 25th so please submit entries by Monday night the 24th!  Good luck!

Comments & Responses

19 Responsesso far.

  1. David Steeples says:

    Red Lake Queen of the Mist

  2. Gary Grimes says:

    Husky Muskie

  3. Robert VG says:

    Loon Laker

  4. Kathleen Krohn says:

    Fish 4 Me

  5. Johnny Reel says:

    The Edmond Fitzgerald

  6. Kyle Krohn says:

    Tanker Tammy

  7. George Gibson says:

    Eagle One

  8. George Gibson says:

    Trophy Bound

  9. Tom DeBrosse says:





  10. Doug says:

    Trophy Taker

  11. Tracy says:

    Fish Finder

  12. Doug Berry says:

    Hawg Time

  13. Tracy Berry says:

    Northern Navigator

  14. Kyle Krohn says:

    Rattle Trap

  15. Meghan Denny says:

    That’s a Big’n

  16. Meghan Denny says:

    Heart ‘Pound’er

  17. Kathleen Krohn says:

    Reely good time

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