New Walleye Leader

Tom DeBrosse landed a major lunker or as he put it – “I caught Walter”.  Tom & son Mike caught and released a 29.5″ Walleye on Parker Lake.  This is the 2nd biggest all-time walleye on Parker that we know about.  Longtime guest, Don Krohn, has the all-time mark with a 29.75″ fish.  Oh yeah, Tom now has the 2nd biggest walleye of the season as well; he released a 26″ walleye on Parker earlier that same day.  Lindy rigs with night crawlers were the ticket to these two monsters.

Wanna see pictures?  So do we, but we have to wait for developing so it could be several days.  Tom didn’t want to risk getting a nice and expensive camera wet so he’s operating with a disposable camera.  Looks like we may have to consider Polaroids for all the boats!  As soon as we receive pictures, we will post them.

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