Night Fishing

Two of our favorite places to fish late are above the falls on Parker Lake and below the falls on Red Lake.  The Red Lake bay is a fish sanctuary early in the season, but it is now open.  Both spots have been producing some great fish!

Walleye are light sensitive so when cloud cover or waves are not available to break up the light, after dark can be a great time to catch monster walleyes.  We are seeing some nice fish caught and released by anglers with the persistence to keep at it after dark.  The following fish were all caught either casting or forward trolling crank baits.

My sister Whitney with a 23″ Walleye caught on a Husky Jerk.



Mike DeBrosse with a 24″ Walleye.



My brother Carson with a 25.5″ Walleye caught on a perch patterned X-Rap.



And the perch X-Rap produces again, this time with a 26″ Walleye.


Looks like a Perch pattern Rapala X-Rap could be worth packing in the tackle box!

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