It was only a matter of time, I suppose, but this morning was an Eagle Falls Lodge first (at least for us).  Here is a run down of how things SHOULD have gone…

4:30 – My alarm goes off, I stumble out of bed to turn on the coffee and get cereal/toast/etc out for the weekly Friday morning departure continental breakfast.

4:40 – Lay back down for 20 more minutes of blissful rest.

5:00 – Alarm goes off again. I get back up, wake Travis up, give Cosmo a quick pat and tuck him back in (because, lets be honest, he isn’t getting up for another solid 2-3 hours).

5:05-5:45 – Chat with guests and chug some coffee.  Gather town list, running clothes, bank bag, snacks, and anything else required for the town trip backpack.  Travis is busy running the 4-wheeler and loading everyone’s gear onto the barge.

5:45-5:55 – Attempt to get some dishes done, do a quick sweep of the area to make sure guests aren’t leaving anything behind, and head down to the barge with the recycling bin and town backpack.

6:00 – Depart from the dock and head to town

And here is a rundown of how things ACTUALLY happened on this fateful morning…

5:49 – I hear someone knocking on my bedroom door.  Slowly this registers in my exhausted brain and a turn to look at the clock.  Hmm, that’s weird – it says 5:49.  The mental conversation I have with myself goes something like this.

“It’s 5:49.  Wait, what day is it?  That can’t be right, clock must be broken.  Did someone just knock on our door?  Why is a guest up so early?  What time is it REALLY?  Oh crap, it IS 5:49!  Barge departure is at 6am this week.  That’s in 11 minutes!  Can I heat up the coffee in 11 minutes?  Oh my GOD, I can’t believe I overslept.  Will I have to skip breakfast?  No, I can eat REALLY fast.  Hmm, I’m really hungry.  Oh, I made granola yesterday – yum!”

5:50 – I jump out of bed and practically push Travis out of bed.  I do pause to confirm with him that it is indeed 10 before 6am.  He says, and I quote “I can’t say that this has ever happened before.”

5:51 – I run out into the main lodge where everyone is sitting at the tables patiently waiting.  Worst nightmare come true for me, by the way.  I’m sure my hair resembled a cockatoo and my eyes were at best 1/2 way open at this point.  I offer a slurry of apologies.  I assure everyone this has NEVER happened before.  I frantically get out the cereal, realize they have been self sufficient in getting their own coffee, and start gathering everything that I need for the town trip as quickly as possible.

6:05 – Everyone has quickly eating a bowl of cereal and reassured me that all is forgiven.  Somehow Travis manages to get everything loaded on the barge in record time.

6:10 – I head down to the barge with my town backpack and a travel mug full of hot coffee.

6:15 – The barge departs the dock – only 15 minutes behind schedule!  Can you believe it?  It may be boastful, but I am pretty dang impressed by our speediness.  Travis is shouting last minute instructions as to what needs to happen in town and hugs Mercer goodbye.  Sad day in these parts as Mercer is headed home.  We will miss her!

7:00 – Everyone is packed and loaded into their vehicles and it is my turn to hug Mercer and begrudgingly allow her to head home.  I say goodbye to everyone else (Fridays are the worst in this way.  We hate to see people go!) and catch my breath for a moment before launching into the rest of my day.

So, yeah, we totally overslept this morning.  Terribly embarrassing for us and annoying for everyone else I’m sure.  So sorry you guys!  We will do our darnedest to make sure it doesn’t happen again.  But once in almost 6 full seasons isn’t too bad I suppose. Also, I now know that we can get all of that accomplished in less than 30 minutes!  I must have really needed the rest, right?  No?  Oh well.

Oh, and I totally forgot the town list.  Which is pretty much a cardinal sin.  But I did remember my running clothes and my snacks.  At least I have my priorities straight – ha!  Don’t worry, I called Travis from town and got everything relayed over the phone.  And so it goes, my friends, and so it goes.

Check back tomorrow for pictures from this past week.  Happy Friday!

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