Ordering Nightcrawlers Online

Are you thinking about using live bait on your trip this year?  Trying to figure out how, when, and where to get it?  There is a new option it appears.  You can now order night crawlers online and get them mailed to your house before you leave.  We have had a few people this year who have done this through a website called SpeedyWorm and have been very pleased – with the product and the price.

SpeedyWorm offers a variety of live bait options including night crawlers and leeches.  They ship directly to your house and provide one day shipping for most states in the Midwest.  SpeedyWorm guarantees that their bait will be delivered ALIVE (always good, no?) and can be purchased in various quantities.  The website does specify if you are purchasing an entire flat (approximately 500 worms) you will want to repackage them after delivery in new bedding.  The website has tons of positive reviews and from what we can tell most products are very competitively priced.  Another important thing to remember is if you choose to purchase live bait BEFORE crossing the border, it must be stored in bedding NOT containing dirt.  Transporting dirt at the border is a big no no.  

For one flat of night crawlers the price on SpeedyWorm is $54.00.  Just for kicks I typed in our Illinois address for shipping and it was $12.00 for one day shipping.  If you reserve a flat of night crawlers at the Marina in town it is $70.80 before tax.

Check it out for yourself here.

So, what do you think?  Are mail-order worms the next big thing?  Can the walleye tell if a worm is from Canadian or American origin?   Hmmm…food for thought. See what I did there?

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