Now that we are well into week two and guests are settled in we’re relieved to say we’ve made it through week 1! Week 1 was a blast. Travis and Carrie so gratefully joined us during this week to help acclimate us to the weekly routine and procedures. We couldn’t have done this without them and are eternally grateful. Week 1 was filled with many firsts: the first of many more weeks of guests, sunsets, gassing boats, laughter, friendship, and adventures. This¬†experience has been unimaginable so far and we are glad each and everyone of you are along on this journey with us. The weather has been relatively typical. We had a few cold and rainy days and a few warm ones.

The fishing is definitely picking up; last week we had 1 Master Angler Walleye and 3 Master Angler Smallmouth Bass. Each of these fish qualified for the catch and release reward program we enacted this season {Details can be found here: Continuing The Conservation Legacy: Catch & Release Rewards Program} We are looking forward to adding many more entries this season.

Shawn's nice 40" Northern.

^Shawn’s 40″ Northern

^Norman’s 19″ Smallmouth Bass

^Shawn’s 35″ Northern.

^Shawn’s 16.5″ Smallmouth Bass.

^Larry’s 20″ Walleye.

This week is extra special with lots of our family and friends here as guests. Look forwards to Week 2 adventures in the next blog post. As always take care and FISH ON!


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  1. Jack Hughes

    Stan, My grandson, Cole Turner, will be again be spending his birthday for the forth time at Eagle Falls Lodge. In the past Carey always made him a birthday cake. His favorite is anything with chocolate. Is it possible to continue this tradition on 18 June? Cole will be turning 17.

    Thanks in advance for considering this request.

    Jack Hughes

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