Our off week with a few unexpected guests!

As our season reached the midway point we were excited to have a week off and enjoy time off with some of our guests that call Eagle Falls Lodge home year round.

Jan found some time to relax in the hammock and get some well-deserved rest.

Maya remained vigilante on frog patrol on both Red Lake and Parker Lake.

Ben and Stan were busy completing the camp improvements that were featured in an earlier blog.

Our resident beaver on the Red Lake side found time to catch up on some chores while the camp was quiet.

This guy looks sad and hungry wondering where are my dinner scrapes!

If you are going to have a bad hair day you want to make sure no ones around, this little guy picked the right week!

With no boat traffic on Parker Lake, this moose decided to enjoy a  cool dip in the lake.

What a treat, this mother grouse, and her seven chicks made their home right in front of the lodge, they could be seen scurrying around the camp the entire off week.

And of course, we found time to enjoy the spectacular sunrises and sunsets that make this place so special!

Take care,

The Holiski’s


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