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Hey fans!

It was brought to our attention that people have tried and failed to leave comments on our blog. Well, chalk that up to a rookie mistake on our end.  When we view each blog post it always shows a box and option for posting a comment.  Apparently that was because we were logged into WordPress as “eaglefallslodge”.  When other people attempt to leave comments it would prompt them to log in with a user name and password.  Womp. Womp.  NOT user friendly!

So, with a quick inquiry we were able to solve the problem and change some settings on our end.  Now you should easily be able to post and leave comments for individual blog posts.  Which is great!  I’m so glad this was brought to our attention.  I just assumed no one was reading 🙂

We certainly appreciate the feedback received by people as they make it up to the lodge this summer about how they have been enjoying the blog.  Makes us beam with pride, I tell ya.  Now that the comments ARE working (fingers crossed) – please COMMENT below with suggestions as to what you would like to see discussed on the blog.  We are open to suggestions!

Just for funsies and to help you make it through your Thursday afternoon, imagine THIS view from the office as you count down the hours until the holiday weekend.

I especially love the early morning fog.  We are spoiled, for sure.


  1. We need Cosmo to become a regular blogger on this site! Your blogs are fgreat but his are special!

  2. Hey guys, happy to be able to comment on the blogs. You are doing a great job, but I was wondering when COSMO gets another chance to blog. It was GREAT. We had a suprise at coffey this morning when Travis and Mary Jane showed up. Scared me because I thought maybe Clyde was worse, but seems like he is much better. Thank God. Keep up the good work. Bones

  3. eaglefallslodge

    Hey guys! We will certainly see if Cosmo is up for some more blog posts. Glad to hear you got to see the Owens. Hope the rest of your summer goes well and keep on reading the blog!

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