Power Struggle

Greetings from the north! Judging by the title of this post, most of you probably thought this blog might pertain to who is actually in charge out at the lodge. Even though Carrie and I (Travis) both own the lodge, everyone knows that I’m the one in charge. Everything usually runs smooth too, as long as I do what Carrie tells me to do.

Speaking of running smooth though, we had a little excitement this past week and unfortunately it was the wrong kind. Our generator that powers the camp was hit by lightning and the computer inside wasn’t too happy about it. We do have the camp running again on a backup system so no worries if you are getting ready to make the trip up.

There has been plenty of the good kind of excitement too. Enjoy these recent photos of some trophy catches – Bob Gouge and his 42″ Northern.

Annette Ragsdale and her 36.5″ Northern

Matt Dillon with a healthly 34.5″ Northern.

Happily, all fish were released! Also Jeff & Andy Zwieg have managed to locate a new eagle nest on Parker near the old one that many of you probably remember. Here’s a shot.

The walleye are moving to deeper water on Red Lake with most of the fish now being caught in the 12-20′ range. The fish are Parker are still being caught near the weedlines and steady wind has produced great numbers of fish the past week. If you have questions or comments about a specific area on the lake please write. Until next time…

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