Preseason Update Week #2

Hello everyone!

As we head into our second weekend up here we wanted to provide you with some more details as to what we’ve been doing.

Today we had our shiny new water system installed by Red Lake Heating & Plumbing.  They were out here by 8:15 am with the trailer loaded full of gear to help us update our water treatment to the recommended methods outlined by Ontario’s Health Unit.  The Red Lake Heating & Plumbing guys are super nice; and Travis, of course, was giddy to watch and help them with the installation.

The weather continues to be unseasonably warm and mild, we have had virtually no rain since our arrival.  I’ve had the sprinkler going on my never ending attempt to grow grass out here.  However, the air temperature got up to around 80 degrees yesterday so I thought that I was fully justified in jumping in the lake to cool off.  Cosmo makes it look so refreshing.  Let me tell you…it was COLD!  However, it was nice to take a quick dip in the water and I may have to get back in this afternoon if it heats up again.  Definitely the earliest I have gotten in the lake!

We got all the boats and motors in the water this week.  The fleet is looking pretty good!  We ordered a new boat from Red Lake Marine last fall, and I think it is happy with its new home on our Red Lake dock.  Speaking of the Red Lake dock, we are getting ready to do some repair work down there that is much needed after the last few seasons of ice pushing it around.  It has been very pleasant to do all of these outside projects with the weather being so nice.  Bugs start to get bothersome at dusk, of course, but otherwise Travis & I have felt really lucky to spend the majority of our days in the sunshine.  That is one part of being at the lodge that we miss pretty badly during the winter months.

Cosmo has settled into his summer schedule.  Sleeping in late, patrolling the grounds, napping in the sun, hunting for frogs, taking his afternoon swim, and watching over the kitchen at meal times.  Such a lucky boy.

Oh, I almost forgot.  You may remember from our holiday letter that we planned to replace some mattresses this spring in the cabins.  We are super excited to hear some guest reviews, because they look pretty dang upgraded if you ask me!

Have a great weekend!


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