Project Patience

During your visit in 2009 you probably remember the framed addition next to the main lodge. We spent a significant amount of time debating the best use for the space and many ideas were considered. Some notables included a recreation area, new kitchen space, and even a sweat lodge. Ultimately we elected to go with additional lodging space. Our main goal was not so much to increase the size of the groups that visit, but provide more comfort to our existing groups. The addition will be split evenly into two rooms, each with its own bathroom. A hallway on the lodge side will connect each room and the deck on the main lodge will be expanded to the sliding glass door. Last season we were able to complete the siding, install doors and windows, and begin wiring.

Our hope is to complete the addition by the end of the 2010 summer. With luck you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the new rooms during your 2011 stay. We don’t plan any extra charges for the new rooms so we expect demand to be high. If multiple people during the same week request the new rooms, we’ll have to resort to paper, rock, scissors tournaments. Make sure to take a peek during your stay this summer to see how we’re doing!


  1. This will be our 5 th year at Eagle Falls, and each year is a new experience. Even with the rain and high water last year we had a great time, and caught a lot of fish. See you there.

  2. I don’t think there is any way we’ll see that much rain again for a long time, but I’ll knock on wood anyway. You’re right though, despite the high water, the catch & release board was still impressive.

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