We have lots of nice pictures to share after this past week of fishing.  These guys certainly earned it – with most days featuring rain, lots of clouds, and a fair amount of wind.  I heard rumors of heaters being used in the big cabin in attempt to dry out all the soaked rain gear.  One guy equated it to being in a sauna – 85 degrees with 100% humidity.

The cooler air temps have keep the water temperature unseasonably low.  Guys were marking water in the upper 50’s all week.  The water temperature dropped throughout the week, but then climbed up a bit again when the sun finally came out on Wednesday.

This also happened on Wednesday:
Bill northern 39
Bill caught a nice 39″ northern, which put him in the lead for the week’s big fish pot.

Not 30 minutes went by, and Tom caught this:
Tom 45
A 45″ northern – which puts him in the lead for the season!  What a catch!

A lot of other big northern were caught in the last week as well:Dennis northern

Larry northernBill northern1

Bill northern
 All above slot size northern caught and released on Red Lake!  Nice work guys!

On the walleye front, we saw excellent numbers early in the week.  Loads of eater sized fish caught and released below the falls.  Action was steady on both lakes, with several fish in the 19-22″ range caught.  Here is Alex, with a nice and healthy looking 19″ walleye:

Alex walleye

And Mel, who was VERY pleased to see the sun come out on Wednesday.  He special ordered some for us!
Mel walleye


Here is Gary with some fish for the group shore lunch:Gary stringer


These guys put on one heck of a shore lunch!
Brad and Dennis
fish pot
There may or may not have been onion rings involved – my personal favorite.  YUM!

Bill even does the dishes:
Thanks Bill!

It proved to be a little difficult to get some of the upper 20″ walleye, but on Thursday John and son Jim managed to bring in a 24.25″ and a 24.125″, respectively, to finish 1st and 2nd in the big fish pot:



Jim also caught a 19″ smallmouth on Parker – which puts him in second place for biggest smallmouth of the season:

Some nice fish all around, guys!

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