Random Thoughts

The reality is I am not organized enough today to write a well thought or purposeful post of any sort.  Also, we failed to gather many pictures from the guys that left this morning, so I’ll just delight you with a few random thoughts and updates:

1. Travis spent approximately 1/4th of his waking hours this past week bailing water out of boats.
2. I spent approximately 1/4th of my waking hours this past week listening to Travis talk about having to bail water out of boats. SO. MUCH. WATER.
3. The past two weeks we have had guests bring up fresh sweet corn.  If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am easily won over with gifts of food.  Thanks again Don and Kendall!
4. Yesterday was an important day for the Mack family.  An observed holiday of sorts.  The NFL season started last night – and Travis’ beloved Green Bay Packers played no less.  Debatable as to whether they played well, but Travis is a bit of a NFL fanatic so he is pumped.
5. We boiled some fresh walleye and served it chilled with cocktail sauce (ala shrimp cocktail) and it was DELICIOUS!  My new favorite, for sure.
6. I ran this morning and it felt like fall.  The best running weather in my opinion.  I always look forward to my Friday runs.
7. We continue to have guests catch and release more and more smallmouth on Parker.  This is the beginning of a beautiful thing.
8. Some guests spotted a wolf out on Red Lake this past week.  Didn’t get a picture, but still pretty cool.
9. We ordered a new door handle for the Suburban, so I left the truck at the Marina this morning for a bit to get it fixed.  Turns out they sent a handle for the right side (read: WRONG side) in box labeled for the (needed) left side.  And so it goes.
10. Checked the mailbox today to find another letter from my grandma.  How loved am I to get snail mail sent throughout the summer months with news of family from home?!

We have one group left. ONE!  Perhaps the most exciting group to have ever come up to Eagle Falls Lodge.  More details on this later.  Its going to be epic!

Happy Friday, ya’ll!

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  1. Thanks for hosting my family! Zach is my grandson, Ryan is my son, and Nick is my nephew! They have been looking forward to this for a long time…they’re all such fisherman!

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