Red Lake 2013 Ice out pictures

Hello everyone!

* A real quick phone/internet update: everything appears to be fixed and working properly.  We apologize to everyone who had a delayed email response or was unable to get a hold of us by phone while we were setting things up/dealing with issues.  Lets hope all operates as it should for the rest of the season!*

Now, on to the good stuff.

I hinted in the last blog update that we were able to watch the ice out from the point overlooking Red Lake during our first few days out at camp.  Here are some still shots with the date and time taken.  It is incredible how fast it melted once it started breaking up.  We did have a few days with high wind and full sun which definitely helped as well.

View from the point
on Thursday, May 16th around 2pm

View from the point
on Friday, May 17th around 2pm

View from the point
on Saturday, May 18th around 10am

View from the point
on Sunday, May 19th around 10am

View from Red Lake dock 
on Sunday, May 19th around noon
Sunday, May 19th around 5pm

How cool is that!  It was very windy on Sunday, May 19th and as you can tell in a few short hours all the ice was completely gone.   We launched the barge this Tuesday and have been VERY busy getting all the supplies out to camp and will be happily welcoming our first group tomorrow!  
Have a great weekend!


  1. Awesome photos! Nice use of the Go Pro!!! Thanks for the update on the ice out. See you in 2 weeks!!! Have a good time this week!

  2. Thanks Carson! We are excited to see you as well. Don’t forget your Go Pro.

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