Red Lake and Parker Lake fishing report – end of July

Happy Friday!

We just wrapped up another great week and I wanted to share some amazing photos from the guys that just started their journey back home.

The weather continues to be optimal for walleye fishing.  A bit cooler, nice wind, with occasional rain showers is just what the walleye ordered!

Lots of quantity and quality again this week for walleye.  The guys had success jigging and backtrolling lindy rigs or snells.  Some boats reported leeches working better and other boats stuck with crawlers most of the week.  Fish were caught as shallow as 13′ and as deep as 30′ on Red and 6′ to 17′ deep on Parker.

Here are some of the bigger fish brought in the boats – all of which were caught and released!

Bill’s 25.5″ walleye off of Red Lake

Nice hat Bill!
His fishing partner, Jerry, also caught a 25.5″ walleye on Red Lake on the same day!

Jerry also caught this nice 24.75″ walleye this week on Red Lake

Tom caught this 26″ walleye on Red Lake before breakfast…
…while Kermit reeled in a fish for a double!
And here is my 28.75″ walleye off of Red Lake again…
Tom and I both caught our big fish with Dave this week – he is a professional guide!
Here is Dave with a nice northern on Red Lake
40.25″ caught and released
Over on Parker we had yet another nice smallmouth caught and released.
Here is Jim with his 17″ smallmouth.

It looks like a football!

And here is Jim with Mike and a couple nice stringers!

They enjoyed a nice shore lunch at the lodge this week with their sons, Mike and Andy.
Here is a picture of our youngest angler in camp this week – Jack and his dad Jim.
He was out there ALL day EVERY day – impressive!
Everyone braved the tough and unpredictable weather we had this past week quite well.  We got some awesome pictures as a result!

 Double rainbow!

Thanks guys for all the great shots from the past week.  We can’t wait to see what August brings!

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