Red Lake Fall Classic Walleye Tournament Results

Happy Labor Day to all!

We are celebrating here (as we do each year) with lots of fishing and a fish fry dinner to boot!  Today the guys are out there in the beautiful sunshine.  Sure beats going to the office, right?

We wanted to follow up with some results on the tournament we had a couple guys compete in this Saturday and Sunday.  Don and Phil Krohn finished 11th out of a field of 140 boats!  I think congratulations are in order!  Their final weight after day two was 27.43 lbs – only 1/100th off of 10th place.  Last night we joked that they should have just shoved a minnow in one of the fishes mouths and that would have launched them into 10th place – ha!

They had pretty solid days on both Saturday and Sunday.  After day one they were in 25th place at 13.79 lbs, so to move up to 11th is very good.  For this tournament each team weighs in 5 walleye per day (3 under 18″ and 2 over 21″).  Nice job guys!

If you want to read more about the Red Lake Fall Classic Tournament you can visit their website here.

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