Red Lake Fire & Camp Update

We have some great news regarding the Red Lake fire, thanks to all of the hard work and effort from the front-line responders, a little rain and less wind the fire is now under control, and town officials are beginning the process of reopening the town.


We never get tired of this view! We’re happy that Eagle Falls Lodge is safe for another day.

Camp Update

After several weeks of mowing, cleaning up down timber, and getting several much-needed projects completed we are now open and marketing to our Canadian guests.
We miss each and every one of you and cannot wait until next year to see you, in the meantime enjoy the following before and after pictures of the camp.
Take care and be safe,
The Holiski’s



Nate was the” Official Bonfire Man” this season and was kept busy with all of the down timber and repair jobs he had plenty to burn!

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