Red Lake Fire Update {August 13, 2020}

Ben and Nate left back to the states on Sunday as we had completed all of our projects. Jan and I were planning to spend some more time fishing and taking it easy before heading back when everything took a turn for the worse… I blew out a tire on the gator, the main water line developed a leak, and to top it off there was a wildfire near Madsen on Monday. Out of precaution for the town of Red Lake, the authorities issued a mandatory evacuation because of concern regarding wind direction.
After some careful thought, we decided to stay at the lodge and not evacuate due to the fact that Highway 105 may have been compromised and closed down prior to us arriving in Red Lake leaving us no way out. We are taking a wait and see approach and it appears to be working in our favor as the fire is burning away from the lodge and the wind speeds have decreased. Tonight we received some decent rain showers that will hopefully help mitigate the dangers. Recently it was announced the fire decreased in size from 750 hectares to around 550 hectares. All good news, but we want to reiterate that we are all safe and sound and believe the lodge is not in danger at this time. We ask you to send your thoughts and prayers to the Red Lake Community especially the front line firefighters protecting all of us.
We are continually monitoring the fire on the internet and are in close contact with local authorities and will stay in touch with everyone.
Take care and be safe,
Stan, Jan, and Maya


  1. David D Dvorak

    Great news. Be safe !

    • David D Dvorak

      Believe it or not, the last major forest fire near red lake was i think 1980 just south of town, Dick’s first year fishing on Red. Black Bear lodge was used as evac center for town

  2. Sue Doolittle

    Oh my gosh! You guys have had one heck of a summer. Now fires nearby!
    In our thoughts and prayers.
    Stay Safe!

  3. Stay safe and maybe we will see you all next year.

  4. 2020, a year to remember. Have a safe trip home later. Bob Wiese

  5. 2020, a year to remember. Have a safe trip home. Bob Wiese

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