Red Lake Fishing Update

Last Saturday was the opener for walleye season and we caught dinner off the Parker Lake dock…. a great start to the 2012 season!

We tried Red Lake for the first time today for a couple hours in Martin Bay.  We caught several walleye in 7-9′ of water backtrolling lindy rigs with nightcrawlers.  The surface water temperature was 58 degrees, up from 56 on our first outing a few days ago.  The biggest obstacle today wasn’t the fish, but the white fluffy cotton-like seeds from the poplar trees.  They are blowing in force and forming a coat on top of the water.  At times they were so heavy in the air it looked like it was snowing.  They get caught on line easily and gum up in the rod eyelets so hopefully they will clear out soon.  We seem to be catching up on rain too.  After a dry first couple weeks, this week has been pretty soggy.

Until next time…tight lines!    

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