Red Lake Forest Fires

There are currently 93 forest fires burning in Northwest Ontario. See the thick smoke on the horizon above. We have been fortunate with wind direction lately to avoid heavy smoke like we had a week ago. Thick smoke and ash drastically reduced visibility for one day, but most of this week was much better. There was only one day since where you could actually smell smoke. Cooler weather and some light rain have improved the fire situation. The closest large fire is burning about 20 miles northwest of camp with plenty of water in between.

The fish don’t seem to mind and the guys last week caught several nice ones. We are seeing fish caught in a variety of depths on Red Lake – from 12 feet all the way down to 30 feet deep. I am still catching plenty of fish on Parker in 7-13 feet of water, but some guests are also catching them in 15-20 feet too. There is no present danger to camp so if you haven’t made your trip yet, not to worry. Those of you who enjoy fresh fish for lunch will be glad to know shore lunches are still allowed. You may deal with some smoke depending on wind direction, but hopefully the weather will continue to assist the fire fighting efforts.

Here is a link to the Ministry of Natural Resources site including many pictures of the fires

Until next week, tight lines!

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