Red Lake Ice Out

The ice is off the lake and we are making preparations for our journey north in a few days.  We don’t have word yet on the official date that will be recorded, but it will likely be between April 13 – April 18.  That will certainly set a new record for earliest ice out.  The previous record was April 20th and our friends at Red Lake Marine informed us the ice was mostly off the lake by April 15th.  To put that in perspective average ice out is May 8th.

You might be wondering how that will affect fishing.  Our best guess is this will lead to an early and plentiful spawn.  The above average temperatures will cause warmer water which should keep fish active and feeding all summer.  We are very optimistic about 2012 being the most productive fishing season yet!   Another question is will a mild winter and warm spring make for a HOT summer?  Time will tell…

We will have a few extra days of preparation this year and hope to put an extra dent in our wish list of projects.  We will try to get a post up as soon as we get everything running at camp.

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