Red Lake & Parker Lake Fishing Update – Lots of Nice Northern Pike

Good Morning!

I just finished helping our first week guests load everything up (in the rain and upper 40 degree temps!) for the ride home.  I’ll be in town today making the usual stops to get our supplies for the group coming in tomorrow.  It looks like it will be pretty wet and fairly cool through the weekend but should be nice as we get into the work week.  By work week I mean fishing week, of course.

We will see what this brief cold snap does to the fishing, I guess that is why they call it fishing – right?

The first week ended much stronger than it started out.  The walleye are starting to turn on in their usual early summer spots in shallower water.  The water temperature keeps rising from the brisk 49-52 degrees I saw when I was out before guests arrived.  What we heard from our guests and the MNR officer that stopped into camp it didn’t sound like anyone was having outstanding walleye action on Red Lake last week.  He was out checking fishing licenses, fish in camp, etc. and had already visited a few other lodges earlier in the day.

Plenty of walleye out there to keep you entertained and to enjoy a shore lunch if you choose!  What do you think – shore lunch or sack lunch?  The age old question of whether you take a mid-day break or are you one to fish hard ALL day?  I haven’t made it out to a shore lunch yet this season, but they are definitely part of what makes a memorable Canadian fishing trip if you ask me.

We did have some guests catch some beautiful northern pike this week.  Josh caught this 44″ northern pike on Red Lake on Wednesday afternoon.  He barely made it back for supper, he said the northern pike action was that good!  

Kim caught this 40″ northern pike on Parker just yesterday.

Another nice sized northern caught and released this past week.

We are excited to see what happens in the coming weeks.  I think it should shape out to be a really nice month of fishing in June!

Oh, and then there’s this…..

But, I’ll let Travis tell you about his adventures another day!


  1. BEAR

  2. Cosmo grew! Those are some nice looking pike. I vote for shorelunch every day. Still. There’s plenty of daylight up there to fish in when I am not enjoying the best meals of the year. (Right up there with yours, Carrie.)

  3. Think it was a wolf due to the size of it. Hoping to see a lynx sometime!

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