Red Lake & Parker Lake – late July fishing report

Happy Friday everyone!

I’m sitting in my favorite wifi hotspot – Timbit Town!  Read more about that here.

I feel like we barely blinked this week and it went from Saturday to Friday.  How the heck does that happen?

Every. Dang. Week.

We reluctantly said goodbye to everyone we just spent the week with and are again marveling at how it already feels like we are well into the second half of our season.  I’m telling you, owning a fishing lodge is a pretty good gig folks.

So, fishing report…

I think perhaps the biggest question this week was where summer went!  We woke up to temps in the upper 40’s this morning.  With a decent wind blowing across Red Lake this morning it definitely felt more like September than late July!   The weather was much cooler all this past week with highs in the upper 60’s and lower 70’s.  Our group experienced lots of overcast weather and some rain as well.  Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Walleye, walleye, and more walleye!

The guys and gals this week had big numbers as far as walleye go – the weather was PERFECT!

Some niced size fish as well, Tim caught this 27″ walleye on Parker Lake.

 What a nice fish!  

As of now, that is the biggest walleye to come off of Parker Lake this season.  

Here is Kevin with another smallmouth bass (12.5 “) on Parker Lake.

We are happy to report we are getting more of these caught each year!

And a nice sized northern on Parker – 34.5″

Nice work, Paul!

It appears that most species have definitely moved a little deeper by this point.  Guests were fishing at depths of 10-15 feet on both lakes this past week, and were successful both casting and trolling.

These guys from Missouri and South Dakota are all related and it had been 11 years since their last trip to Eagle Falls Lodge.  We can’t wait to see them again next year in 2014!
In addition to some returning guests we met some new people from Minnesota and Texas.  They had perhaps the best story about a fish they didn’t actually catch.  Lets just say there is a monster Muskie out on Red Lake and now I know right where she lives.  I would give more details, but then one of you expert anglers would head straight there to snatch it.  I think I will try and get her myself, thank you very much.  
A quick reminder for those guests heading home (and probably reading this blog on their fancy schmancy smart phones in the car) – please email any photos we didn’t get from you last night.  We would love to feature you on the blog, website, and out at the lodge! 

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