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You guys!  Two weeks and this season is over.  Crazy.  Having the big Ohio group here is definitely a turning point in the season.  It certainly feels as if we are on the down hill for 2015 – it goes so fast!

A few rambling thoughts:

1. I’ve been eating 9 peaches a day on average for the last week.  Travis from the Ohio group always brings me an entire box of peaches.  I LOVE THEM!  But at this point I have to start rationing them out.  Its kind of how when you are reading a good book and you blow through the first half because you just want to get to the good part and then you have to start saving the rest of it because you don’t want it to end.  Well…..the best thing happened!  One of the guys that arrived today brought me ANOTHER BOX OF PEACHES!  #challengeaccepted

2. Prior to all this peach business, we had some other sweet treats delivered.  A few weeks ago Jim brought a big ‘ol pail of fresh homemade ice cream from his ice cream shop.  That same week Bob brought 2 (count them TWO) of his almost world famous carrot cakes.  So I basically survived on cake and ice cream for a week.  Switching to peaches is at least a step in the right direction.

3. We had a guy yesterday from the Ohio group who called his wife and job on the barge as we were headed back in to load them for the ride home home and asked if he could stay a second week.  This group always has a handful of guys that stick around for a second week, but can you believe this guy made a last minute decision and stayed?  I love it!  He literally had everything packed, fish in the cooler, ready for the 24hr ride home and changed his mind.

4. This week is full of EFL addicts.  We have the Ohio guys that are on week two and we have a pair from Missouri that were here in June with their wives and they called maybe a month ago about squeezing in a second trip for just the guys.  We have a pair from Wisconsin that stayed for 2 weeks already in June and are here for their THIRD week this summer, they brought along a few of the other guys that were here for part of their stay in June as well.  A huge repeat contingent this week.  Makes our job easy!

5. It looks like we are going to have enough maple creme cookies for the rest of the season.  I know this was a concern earlier on since we had eight entire cases missing from our order.  Travis has spent a few sleepless nights with the fear of running out.  Just keeping you posted.

6. I read the local newspaper yesterday while I was at Tim Horton’s and the headlining story was about a bear that was taken down by crossbow in downtown Red Lake in broad daylight this past week.  Apparently that was a poor choice.

This post was kind of about nothing, sorry!

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  1. You could have titled this post “A phone call to Mary-Jane.” I feel like we’ve caught up!

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