Six degrees of Kevin Bacon….walleye cheezers

Hang with me.

Last week was SO fun.  I know I say that A LOT, but this week was especially lovely.  And it was a full house.  A mix of veterans and newbies, but a good time had by all.

We got to introduce Eagle Falls Lodge to some old friends.  One of Travis’ old co-workers, Kelby, from his first job out of college came up with some of his family and buddies.  Family which happens to be from my parents’ home town of Marshfield, MO.  Guys that grew up with my parents and guys that are best friends with my extended family.  Webster County was well represented.  Six degrees of Kevin Bacon around here, I tell ya.  Kelby’s dad walked into the main lodge and informed me that he was in the same graduating class as my dad, and when he heard that he was headed to Gene Vestal’s daughter’s fishing lodge in Ontario, Canada he could hardly believe it.  What are the odds!?  These guys had a blast and it was somewhat comforting to get a glimpse of what I grew up with from SW Missouri.

They were committed to eating their fair share of walleye while up in Canada, so on their 3rd shore lunch of the week we decided to up the ante a little bit.


Thus, the Bacon Walleye Cheezers.

These delicious sandwiches contain the following:
– fresh fried walleye
– cheese
– fried egg
– tomato
– bacon (duh)
– tarter sauce
– hot sauce (optional)
– toasted bread

If you haven’t come up to visit us yet, I’m sure you’re within six degrees of separation (that’s a thing, right?) and therefore qualify for your very own walleye cheezer shore lunch.  So head on up!

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