Sneak a peek at our new EFL merchandise

Hello everyone!

We are super excited about our new t-shirt and hoodie design for the 2013 season.  Travis encouraged me to let it be a surprise, but I can’t!  We are impressed (again!) with the talent and service at Bigfish Screenprinting – a huge shout out to everyone there for exceeding our expectations!  You can visit their website here.  Thank you, thank you!  I hope you like them as much as I do:)

Well, what do you think?  If you weren’t counting down the days until you get up to Canada to see us (ahem, I mean fish) then I know the prospect of taking home one of these sweet shirts will make you start for sure!
19 days until walleye season opens! 

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  1. KCsportsfan says:

    love the shirts, can’t wait to buy a hoodie!

  2. LOVE the shirts! Can’t wait to get my hands on one of these!

  3. Travis says:

    These look great!

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