Summer 2013 is half over already? What the?

Good morning!

I can’t believe that we just wrapped up week 7 of the 2013 season!  Is that even possible?  I’m sure everyone will agree as to how the summer just seems to fly by faster each year.  We have definitely been staying busy here at Eagle Falls Lodge but I took the time to catch up on some emails and gathered some more pictures from guests who have already been up this year and sent us pictures after returning home.  Here is a collection of more photographs from the first 7 weeks -thanks to everyone who remembers to email them to us after returning home!

Here is Jim from a few weeks ago with a 39.25″ northern pike
And his smallmouth bass!
I just love this picture taken in early June.  Early morning fog is SO cool!
 We LOVE having kids up here as guests.  
These cousins from Colorado and Texas had a blast in early June.

Here is their grandma, Jan, with a nice eater walleye on Parker Lake.

In this post we talked about Caleb’s birthday.  
He got to go on a float plane ride as birthday present!
Here is their plane flying over one of our camp boats (and the rest of their group) while they fished on Coin Lake for the day!  How cool is that?
Brad from their group caught this nice northern
Same week – here is Dave with a nice northern
And a crazy looking sucker fish

York with yet another northern that week
York with a nice walleye, too

This is Mike’s 26″ walleye he caught back in mid June – nice work!
It feels good to get caught up on email!  Thanks again to everyone for remembering to send their pictures!
Have a good weekend!

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  1. These pictures are AWESOME. Legit photographers and fishermen.

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