Take a tour of Eagle Falls Lodge

Here is a story for ya..

In 2012, Travis and I talked about how it would be nice if we filmed a tour of the lodge and posted it on our website (under “Accommodations”) to help potential guests get a better idea of what our set up was, etc.

Fast forward to 2013. Travis and I drew straws to see who got to film and who had to lead the video tour.  I lost.  Its not that I don’t like talking up the lodge, but I have this weird phobia of hearing my voice on audio recording.  I refuse to believe that is what I sound like, and if it really is what I sound like – yikes.  So we filmed the tour in late summer 2013.  And then never did anything with the footage.  No real reason why, just the 143 and counting things on our to-do list I guess.

Fast forward again to early spring 2015.  We arrived at the lodge just in time for winter to come back.  So we had a good 1-2 days of wanting to stay inside.  I got to practice editing videos.  I came across the camp tour footage and could taste the glory of getting to cross this off the to-do list.  Watching the footage from 2013 is like entering a wormhole into the past.  It was oddly comforting in a way.  I had SUPER long hair.  WHOA!  Cosmo, of course, follows right along on the tour which I guess is a testament to some things always staying the same.

Just for fun, consider the following while watching the video:
1. Why do I seem so miserable the whole time?  Did Travis just tell me some horrible news?  I feel like I’m acting like this is the worst job I’ve ever had to do. I think it goes back to the whole voice phobia thing.
2. “Sink, shower, toilet” Say that 5 times fast.
3. Add “remove squeak from small cabin door” to the list. Dang.
4. There are some mighty awkward pauses, folks.  Sorry about that.  Travis is all about doing it in one take, though, so I did my best.
5. You might notice an absence of grass.  If I accomplish anything in 2015 it will be growing grass.  Mark my word.
6. Watch for Travis’ hand – it makes a guest appearance.
7. What is with the creepy toilet water in the big cabin bathroom, you ask? Well, it is just stained reddish from Red Lake.  Totally acceptable in these parts.
8. That view of Parker Lake, though. Dang.
9. I don’t know why, but I can’t help but laugh about the lovely footage we captured of the side of the refrigerator in the addition area.  Too funny.
10. I feel like I needed a proper sign off. Like “stay classy, EFL guests” or “good night and good luck” or “and that’s the way it is”.

Click the link below to watch the video!

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