That’s a wrap!

2010 By the Numbers

4 months of fishing
1 lightening struck generator
7 new 20hp motors
2 fish hooks removed from fingers
136 sunsets overlooking Parker
0 search & rescue missions
3 added weeks to the season
48 trips to town
45 boat oil changes
4 portages
1 eagles nest
2 visits from grandmas
5 pairs of ruined work pants for Travis
2 pairs of remaining pants for Travis
5 brave swimmers on Parker
9,754 liters of gasoline used
4 doggie play dates for Cosmo
112,500 estimated pumps on the manual bilge pumps to keep boats dry (battery pump is officially going on our Christmas wish list)

Eagle Falls Lodge 2010 edition is complete! A big thank you to everyone that came up to fish this summer, we hope to see you again next summer.

We have already been back in the states for a week and have started to look back on what an awesome season we had at Eagle Falls Lodge this summer. Travis bravely started working at his other job on Monday and we both have felt a world away from our lifestyle of this summer. As I ironed piles of work clothes that had been boxed up for the summer it seemed unreal to think that just days prior I had been out at camp full of wildlife and crisp clean fall air.

Don’t feel too sorry for us though, we realize how lucky we are to spend so much time up north running the camp over the summer and are already looking forward to the 2011 season. We have been brainstorming about how to make next year even better, so if anyone has any thoughts let us know! Also, if you are ready to make reservations for next season, you can call our number here in the states: 417-522-3163 or email us at

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