The back nine

This is totally different from the Parker nine.

This is about how we are officially on the 2nd half of the season.  That’s right, folks.  I told you it goes fast, and it seems like this summer is going by extra fast.  I quit wearing a watch.

Last week we enjoyed a bit of a reprieve while some of our friends and family came out to the lodge for our annual mid-summer break week.  History suggests its not a break exactly, but it allows us to get some of our favorite people up here, spend more time fishing, less time doing dishes, not set the alarm clock, and perhaps most importantly for me – I get to have my mama here.  We celebrated a birthday, netted lots of board fish, had some bear action in camp, did some portaging, hiking, running, I practiced my guitar every day, and ate LOTS of food.  Throw in some extra mama snuggles and Cosmo was one happy pup.  Although the switch from his regular routine was a bit stressful.  He had to work extra hard to predict what would happen next, and each night he was tuckered out by the time he checked to make sure everyone was back (especially Travis and myself).  And why the heck were all those other people in the kitchen?

So today, we regroup.  We clean cabins, gas boats, pick up the camp, restock on groceries, and tomorrow we are at it again.  Friday sneaks up on us every gosh darn week, but this time it felt extra sneaky. The fun and adventure we had with our family and friends that so lovingly trekked all the way up here just to see us is what it is all about.  Am I right?

Cheers to the weekend.


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