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There was a special birthday yesterday at the lodge and it wasn’t Travis or Cosmo.  Which leaves…


Happy Birthday Carrie!

Celebrating a birthday is tough at the lodge.  There are really no days off.  You can’t sleep in or make dinner reservations at your favorite restaurant.  Carrie has also suffered through a few lodge “presents”.  Think washing machine, freezer, water heater…you get the picture.

But the EFL team did their part to pitch in.  Cosmo took an extra long commemorative birthday nap for Carrie.  Carrie enjoyed an extra long birthday run in town and grabbed a quick lunch at our favorite Red Lake restaurant, Antonio’s, in the midst of running many errands.  And Cosmo and I gave Carrie an actual birthday present this year – something that’s been on her wish list.  Some carefully crafted ceramic dishes created by our friend Tyler!  They were very well received.

Also, we embarrassed her.  While she thought she was flying under the radar all day we surprised her at dinner with a piece of Marion’s famous carrot cake (Thanks Joe!) and she enjoyed suffered 23 guys singing “Happy Birthday” to her.  Thanks everyone!


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