“Pike slayers“ completely describes this group of diehard fishermen from the Hillsboro Bible Baptist Church in Ohio.

As previous guests, we always enjoyed looking over all of the great pictures scattered throughout the dining area, but one thing that has always stood out was every time that we would ask Travis or Carrie, “Who is the person pictured with this monster northern pike?” Their response would be that is so and so with the church group.

Knowing this, it was with great anticipation and excitement that we finally got to meet the church group this week and what a thrill is was! Trust us when we say these guys were the ultimate pike slayers— during their week they caught and released over 15 northern pike measuring 40 inches or over!!

Travis Ison, (pictured above) who is the leader of this group, organizes and is instrumental in ensuring that all of the members of the group have a safe and rewarding experience while fishing for these monsters. Travis is not only a passionate and devoted fisherman, but he is also a kind and gentle man that lives by honorable principles and beliefs, something not found very often in today’s world.

Special thanks to Ken and Linda Creekbaum for all of their help in the kitchen, this was the largest group of guests this year and presented a huge challenge for us as Ben had to return to Texas to enroll his daughter in high school leaving us to fend for ourselves!  Not to worry, Ken and Linda made sure that this group of hungry fishermen were taken care of in every way, Great home cooked meals served right on time!! Thanks again for all of your help and hard work during this week, being able to spend time with such a great group of people made for one our most enjoyable weeks!

Meet the Hillsboro Bible Baptist Church Group

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