The Holiski Family and Special Friends Week “Special Moments for all to enjoy!”

I have been pondering on what to write for our week two blog which has been our family week for the past six or seven years. I was still struggling on how to put into words how special this week has become to everyone when I overheard a wise old guest ask my grandson, “Cole how things were going?” Cole’s response was “Things were going great and that he was having a great time!” The wise old man told Cole to enjoy these moments as you may never have the chance to experience them again. As the owners of Eagle Falls Lodge, every day we try to live by that motto. Every day we are grateful for all the memories, moments, and challenges of lodge ownership. Even as past guests of the lodge, we can also say we cherished every trip as our last. As volatile as life is, our memories are something we can always cherish and remember. This week was filled with lots of fun. From the annual Eagle Falls Lodge Olympics, swimming in Parker Lake, bonfires, friendship, to catching some big fish. This week had a little bit of everything! Enjoy all the pictures. 🎣

The annual group picture of our dear family and friends.
Cole Holiski and Mel Heimark (Wise Old Man)
Carol posing with the largest fish of her life, a 39-inch northern pike. I was on the boat and helped net this monster and now I realize that sharing that moment with my sister is exactly what Melvin was describing to Cole!
Here Ronnie is with a nice stringer of walleye for the weekly fish fry! Yum!
Enjoying some swimming in the lake. The lake is still pretty cool, but the warm sunny days sure are enticing.
The falls are flowing strong… just in time for the Eagle Falls Olympics boat race if you look closely at the picture and you will see three little boats coming down the falls.
Enjoying a shore lunch at the picnic table on Parker Lake.
Zuko and Lilly ready to catch some monster fish… or maybe some sun!
Neela with two stringers of walleye! Lots of good eating there.
Maddie trying to stay dry with a walleye.
You might see Cole at the lodge this summer! Here he is with a nice Northern.
Stan and Neela during the frisbee competition.
Hayes enjoying some walleye fishing.
One of the best parts of the lodge are the beautiful sunsets. They never get old.
Carol with a nice walleye!
Lilly rocking some strawberry sunglasses… maybe that’ll bring some big walleye!
Shalia showing off a nice walleye!
Kevin’s first fish caught at Eagle Falls was this lunker 39-inch Northern Pike.
Here is Bob posing with a really nice 20-inch smallmouth bass that qualified for our Master Angler Replica Program.
Mark with a nice walleye!
Michael with a nice Northern Pike.
Bob posing with a walleye
Kevin with another nice Northern Pike!
Lilly enjoying a peanut butter and jelly while her dad does some fishing!
We’ve had several nice smallmouths caught on Parker. We are looking forward to another healthy smallmouth season.
Lilly and her dad with a nice stringer of walleye on the Parker dock!
The Eagle Falls Lodge Olympic Winners with their boats before the Boat Race down the falls. 
Everyone around the bonfire enjoying some s’mores and stories! 
Zuko and Lilly sharing some memories in the cabin while enjoying some snacks! That’s what friends are for.
Neela in frisbee competition with some good form!
Zuko smashing the tire run competition.
Neela going for the gold!
There is precision in those eyes! I think Neela mastered the form of the tire roll.
Lilly going for the Gold in the tire run!


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