The ice is out!

Greetings from up north!

Travis and I made it up to Red Lake last week and monitored the ice situation for a few days before boating into the lodge from the back end of Parker Lake.  Everything at camp is up and running!  It was incredible to watch the ice melt off of Red Lake from the point overlooking the lake over the weekend.  I am happy to report that Red Lake is open and the ice is gone.  We are busy launching the barge today and getting fuel and the rest of our supplies out to camp.  We have had some unexpected challenges with our phone and internet and are restricted at the moment to email communication.  Hopefully that will all be taken care of soon!  Once we get that all hooked up we have some pretty incredible footage to share capturing the ice on Red Lake and the progression of it melting from the past few days.

Look for a longer post soon!

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