With the suburban packed, the lists triple checked, and with great excitement and anticipation Jan, Maya, and I have started our 1500-mile journey to Red Lake. We left Colorado early this morning (May 10th) and should arrive in Red Lake on May 13th.


We can be reached on the road using our cell phone numbers, Stan (720-587-7003) and Jan (720-409-6652). As always you may contact us at eaglefallslodge@yahoo.com as we will be checking our email regularly.

We are so grateful of Travis and Carrie for allowing us the opportunity to purchase such a wonderful place, we are truly honored and humbled to be able to carry its legacy! And to all of Travis’ and Carrie’s loyal guests, friends, and fellow fishermen we say thank you for your continued support. We are all looking forward to a great season of fun and adventures with each and every one of you.

Stay tuned as we will update the blog during our travels. 🎣


  1. Safe travels, see you in August!

  2. Have a great trip. Stay safe. We will see you at the landing on the 26th. Have been looking forward to that day for 49 weeks.

  3. Melvin Snider

    Awesome! Can’t wait, June 24th cannot come soon enough!!

  4. Bill Chetney

    Looking forward to meeting you June 15.

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