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We are in!  The ice is out on Red Lake! We arrived in Red Lake last Friday afternoon, just in time to watch the temperature gauge plummet.  Winter couldn’t resist one last gasp.

What I was told: “The ice is out so early. It’s been so warm, like 70 degrees!”
Reality: “There is a chance of snow this weekend.  It looks like rainy, windy, cloudy weather for the next 4-5 days.”

What!?!?  I’ve maintained a fairly warm core temperature since our arrival because of the minimum of 5 layers I’ve had on at all times, the increased percentage of time I’ve spent under our down comforter in bed, consuming an unhealthy amount of hot coffee, and by the constant loading and unloading of things.  Keep moving people.

That being said, this spring has presented WAY less challenges than last year.  No hacking through the ice for this gal.  The generator started right up, water tank is clean and functioning, no major damage to the docks or buildings, and ABOVE ALL ELSE – Travis, Cosmo, and I still very much like each other and the lodge and can’t wait to see you guys!

We got some video footage of our arrival last Friday.  Click the link below to check it out!

Travis spent a good 4 hours trying to line up the antenna to get the phone and internet up and running last Saturday.  I then remembered that for the first time this past winter we shut down the account into “seasonal mode”.  Oops.  It needed reactivated.  Which requires a phone call.  Which requires a trip to town.  Which requires waiting on hold.  Which requires me to find out that they will only allow Travis to reactivate.  Which requires him to take deep breaths when they ask him for lots of numbers, and codes, and birth dates, and when did we buy the camp from the Aikens, and… and… and….  We *think* it is reactivated. And so it goes.

In the meantime, please continue to be patient as we may be delayed in responding to emails.  Email is definitely the best way to communicate with us as we continue getting the camp open during the next few weeks.  Thanks!


  1. Tim Heth - Peoria

    Glad you made it up safely & that docks & buildings all in good shape. Thanks for the video – very entertaining. Hope to drop in to say hi sometime while we’re up w Jim & Jillian. Haven’t seen a 2015 post from them yet but I’m sure they’re in camp by now. Remind Travis to bring a net to the docks before he wets his first line so he can haul in that 40+ pike.

    • eaglefallslodge

      Glad you enjoyed the video. Nice to hear from you and please stop by while you are up here this summer.

  2. Chris Maas

    There is no thing as too much coffee!! Glad to hear you landed safely. Can’t wait to see you guys!

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