We made it to camp on Monday – a gorgeous spring day for Red Lake.

The ice is long gone.  The generator fired right up.  Travis’ new solar panel provided a trickle charge to the batteries and they wintered quite well.

Four wheeler – check.
Gator – check.
Internet – check.
Water pump – check.
Water tank cleaned – check.
Water in cabins – check?

Why the question mark?  Well, for a while there was more water flowing UNDER the buildings vs out the faucets.  A bit of repairs to be done it seems, but to a certain extent that is to be expected.  We cobbled together some Frankenstein looking replacement lines and connections based on what we had on hand at the lodge and got 3/4th of the way there.  At the end of Tuesday we called it.  Travis was cold and frozen and still needed to shower.  We hooked up water to the small cabin seamlessly so he could get a hot shower after all his efforts.  Only one problem…
The small cabin is currently a bit crowded.  You can see me there by the bathroom door.  All I had to do to get there was climb over some motors. Thats it! So easy. Oh and then you have to tip-toe over these…
Just to the right of this picture, a hot shower awaits!  We are practically a 5-star spa over here.  Let me tell you, I’d climb through a lot worse for a chance to clean off after a few days of working out in the woods.  Its all a matter of perspective.  I was laughing this morning about how just one week ago I stopped at our local coffee shop on the way to a morning meeting to get an Americano.  This was the same morning I made sure to get up in time to “fix my hair” and I put actual thought into which earrings I should wear with the skirt I had picked out.  I don’t think I’ve consciously looked in a mirror for at least 2 days.  It is good to be back in the north woods.

Spirits are high as we continue opening the lodge.  However, mother nature has decided to challenge us.  The forecast this weekend is brutally cold and calls for snow.  Lets just hope all the work we’ve done on hooking up the water was for nothing.  Ah well.  Cosmo says it will all be okay.

If you don’t mind, we prefer people use email to get ahold of us for the rest of the week.  We are rarely in the lodge and it is much easier for us to keep up on communication via email right now.  Thanks!

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