The Ultimate Christmas Gift

Hello Everyone!

I’m sure if you asked Cosmo what the ultimate Christmas gift is, he would want the ability to click his heels three times, open his eyes, and be overlooking Parker Lake. With a full summer of roaming around and napping in the great Canadian wilderness ahead of him, of course. I guess he will have to settle for a nice new doggie bone instead.

If you find yourself reading this wondering what to get those last few people on your list, we can tell you with great pleasure that our gift to YOU this season is keeping our already stellar price at $750 per person the same through 2012. That is four seasons in a row! And if that is not enough, we are also now offering half price for guests up to 16 years old and under. Have some grandkids that seem to be out fishing you back home? Or do your kids keep asking you when they will be invited to come up to Eagle Falls Lodge? FYI – Travis was 11 when he came on his very first trip (I hear a lot has changed since then). Bring them on up for an unforgettable week of great fishing, and perhaps more importantly, great memories. We love being a part of all your favorite summer memories, and until next spring they will have to tide us all over while we hibernate during these long winter months.

We wish everyone the Happiest of Holidays, and hope you can join us in 2012!

P.S. Let us know if you do NOT receive our holiday letter (with the new 2012 brochure!!) and we will gladly drop one in the mail.

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