Tomorrow it begins

Tomorrow!  We have one single solitary day left to wrap up as many projects and prep work as possible before our first group of beloved guests arrive.

If you had one day left, how would you use it?  Would you work or play?  Would you sleep in or hit the ground running?

We will be doing a little bit of everything today (except the sleeping in part) as we soak up the last quiet day for a while.  We are looking forward to all the excitement that comes along with a fishing season, and can’t wait to catch up with everyone headed our way.

Last night, we were out in the boat marking some rocks and stumbled upon this:
And there aren’t enough words for moments on the water like this.  But for those who have experienced it, you know what I’m talking about.  Any doubt or worry or stress or question you may have just melts away.  So as crazy as owning and operating a fishing lodge typically is, it just takes a moment like this every so often to calm you down.  Even though today might feel like the “last day” for a while, all the days are good.  Each and every one.

Cheers to summer 2015!

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