Top Northern Pike Lures

This fishing season has proved terrific for walleye and northern pike. Many of you enjoy pursuing walleye on your Canadian trip, but don’t overlook the northern pike. As of today, 20 northern 40″ and up have been caught this year and the season is not finished yet. If you’re looking for a terrific battle with a ferocious fish you’ve met your match with a monster northern. Here are my top 5 specific pike lures this year excluding surface baits (I’ll cover them in my next post). Let us know your favorites.

#5 – Johnson Silver Minnow

The big advantage here is the ability to go weedless. Parker Lake is terrific for big northerns, but sometimes you have to go into the weeds to find them. Don’t forget to bring along at least a couple weedless baits.

#4 – Spinnerbaits

I especially like the perch colored blade. The extra flash is sometimes all you need. A wide variety of spinnerbaits prove irresistible for big northerns.

#3 – Red/White Daredevil Spoons

Spoons are deadly so I always keep a couple red and white ones in my tackle box. The familiar wobble will incite many strikes.

#2 – Mepps #5

Mepps makes a great line of spinners. For colors I like red, white, yellow and black and I usually prefer spinners with a skirt. These spinners will produce loads of fish. If you are specifically targeting big fish try using a larger Mepps designed for musky fishing. You may not get as many strikes, but you will typically catch bigger fish.

#1 – Len Thompson Five of Diamonds

This is my favorite bait for fishing below the surface. Don’t leave home without one. Bring a bottle of ibuprofen along too because you’ll need it after reeling in dozens of northerns. Whether this pattern looks appetizing or they can’t stand it being on their turf, northerns will hit and hit hard!

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  1. Thanks for the suggestions! My tackle box will be ready!

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