Top Northern Pike Surface Lures

As summer progresses you may encounter more weed growth during your fishing exploits. Don’t shy away from these areas since many big northerns love to ambush baitfish in the weeds. Instead try these surface baits. Here are my top 5 from this season.

5. Floating Rapala

Rapala makes a great lineup of baits and you don’t want to pass up the floaters. A classic lure with proven results.

4. Buzzbait

Buzzbaits aren’t just for bass. The noise they create as they churn across the top of the water drive northerns nuts. Get ready for some vicious hits and pack some extra skirts since the originals will likely get torn up.

3. Suick

The biggest northern of the season came on a Suick this year. These lures weigh the most of the top 5 so make sure you have a heavier rod to handle casting them.

2. Zara Spook

Spooks are famous for great action with a very simple “walk the dog” presentation. This is achieved by simply twitching the rod tip with a jerk of your wrist. The lure bobs back and forth on the surface and sometimes northerns will miss 2 or 3 times coming clear out of the water before they take the bait.

1. Creek Chub Darter

This has been my favorite for over 15 years. The lure floats when first casted, but on the retrieve it plows a couple inches under the surface and produces an irresistible wobble. In most lakes you can still see the lure while reeling it in and watch all the vicious strikes.

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