There is a whale of a fish patrolling Red Lake.  This monster Northern Pike must have nine lives as it has been hooked and sighted by anglers multiple times this season, but no one has been able to land and measure the fish yet.  Kyle Krohn aptly named the fish a couple weeks ago “Two Ton Tanker Tammy”.  Since no one has caught this fish yet I don’t have a photo to share, but here is a visual approximation:



This pike is very active in a bay near the lodge.  I don’t get out on the lake very often and I have had a couple encounters with the beast.  We continue to point anglers in the direction of this monster and the count of lures lost and lines broken keeps piling up.  Will you be the one to land the lunker?


  1. Jim DeRoosier

    On July 1, 2013, I had caught a decent size walleye in the bay in front of the lodge. Fish fry was on the menu for dinner that night so I put the walleye on a nylon stringer and threw him over the side of the boat. Within minutes the fish was gone and so was half of the stringer. That stringer was not one of the cheap thin ones. Whatever ate that fish was huge and had very sharp teeth because no one in our boat was aware that anything had happened. Two Ton Tammy?

    • eaglefallslodge

      Hi Jim, definitely sounds like it would take a really big fish to do that. It’s amazing how often we hear of stringer attacks, but one that severe will be added to the lore of Two Ton Tammy.

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