Unwelcome Visitor

We had the wrong kind of visitor in camp last week.  This little guy was getting into the trash on the Parker dock.  After Carrie ran him off he pouted in the woods for a few minutes before returning and getting the roman candle treatment from Travis.  He then proceeded down to the larger garbage cans on the Red Lake dock.  Glen captured these pictures of the beast from his early morning kayak run.  Thanks for sharing Glen!

Is that crazy guy with the fireworks gone?  Oh yeah, coast is clear…
23 - Black Bear  seeing if the coast is clear

Check out this jackpot!
24 - Black Bear approaching bins on dock #1

Haha, those suckers think I left! 
25 - Black Bear approaching bins on dock #2

Pow!  Take that – recycling bin!  
27 - Black Bear tumbling the trash & recycle bins

How do you work the lids on these things?
26 - Black Bear inspecting a trash bin

Better captions are welcome!  This bear also decided to bite the brand new gas can pictured in the foreground.  This is the 2nd gas can we have lost to a bear bite.  Not sure what the appeal is – maybe they just love the smell of gas.  No more bear sightings so far this week which is thankfully a good thing.

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