Water levels low, pike biting

Red Lake appears to be at least 6″ low for this time of year.  We are used to the water level starting a bit higher in May due to the spring runoff and snowmelt, but it has been very dry in northwest Ontario as evidenced by an unusually high number of forest fires.

This is not the best photo taken as it was getting dark, but you can see how low the water is on the pictograph on Red Lake.  Usually at the beginning of the season the water covers the warriors almost entirely and will be about up to the bottom of the large creature and spirit figures on the left and right.  The gap is about 6″ right now.


We’ll keep an eye on the water level and be sure to mark all of the regular reefs in the next week.  We slid out on Parker for the first time for a bit and caught several pike.  No monsters yet, but the season is young.  Walleye season opens on Saturday and we will see what it brings.

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