We had a Canadian lynx come to breakfast!

I kid you not.

Yesterday morning as Mary-Jane and I were getting into the thick of our french toast operation (side note: MARY-JANE IS HERE!) I looked up from the stove and noticed something moving through the grass.  A sweet little kitty cat.  Back in Illinois we will sometimes see a neighbor cat stalk through our yard, so that is immediately where my brain went.

The brain sequence was something like this: “Flip french toast. Check sausage. Do we need more orange juice? My fingers are cold. Time to check on Travis’ wake up progress.  Oh wait, the french toast.  Look a cat in the grass…..um not a cat.  A bobcat?  A lynx?  A lynx!”  I quickly got Mary-Jane’s attention and said “get something!” She correctly assumed I meant camera (obviously) and ran to get hers.  She met up with the lynx as it headed down the road to Red Lake and got some incredible pictures.  Travis and Cosmo missed the whole thing.  Travis was bummed.  At first he didn’t believe me and then I told him that Mary-Jane got to pet it which didn’t help, but the proof was in the pictures.


There was some debate about whether it was a bobcat or a lynx and what the heck is the difference anyway, so we had to research this thoroughly.  A lynx has much longer back legs, longer ear tufts, and the dead give away is the lynx has a shorter bobtail with a black tip. Whereas, the bobcat has a longer tail with banding and a black tip with white underneath.  It is pretty rare to see a lynx, let alone have it linger long enough to catch on camera.  All in all, a very exciting start to the day here at the lodge!


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